Collinite 476s Super DoubleCoat Auto Paste Wax – 9oz


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476s Super DoubleCoat Auto Paste Wax – 9oz

A Mr. Collins original, this classic carnauba/polymer blend is also Collinite’s most durable. Holds up month after month against harmful outdoor corrosives; UV, rain, snow, salt, dust, dirt, grime, bugs, staining, and more. Ideal as a winter wax when both lasting shine and all-season/all-conditions protection are equally crucial.


  • Provides high gloss shine
  • The highest degree of durability, with 7-10 months of weather protection


  • For hand & dual action, buffers use
  • 476s contains the highest concentration of polymer protection to withstand the harshest elements for the longest period of time. For this reason, we recommend 476s as a protective coating prior to the winter months.
  • While 476s is a traditional hard paste, it can be easily applied and removed. We recommend applying a thin layer to a small section (2 x 2 feet), and removing the wax once it comes to a haze. Typically, this takes anywhere from 1-3 minutes.

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