Lumitec Ibiza Utility Light White Finish White/Blue LED’s



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Lumitec Ibiza Engine Room/ Utility Light White Finish with Blue/WhiteDimmin LED’s

Model: 101522

  • As beautiful as it is brilliant, you may be surprised that Ibiza is tough enough for an engine room. But it is. And it’s just as bright, reliable, and easy to install as it’s sibling, the wildly popular Nevis. Delivering 1,000 integrating-sphere-measured lumens and dual-color output options, Ibiza is IP67 compliant, completely sealed and compatible with most PWM LED dimmers. And like Nevis, Ibiza’s carefully engineered optical system delivers a nearly perfect 180-degree beam pattern to illuminate even the farthest, darkest corners.

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Weight 2.00 lbs
Model Number 101522
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