Mastervolt CombiMaster Inverter/Charger – 24/3500-100 Amp – 120V


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CombiMaster Inverter/Charger – 24/3500-100 Amp – 120V

The CombiMaster inverter/charger provides the most power and charging in the series. The 3500W version comes in 12V and can be paralleled stacked in a single system up to 10.5kW. The 24V models in 3500W and 5000W can create parallel stacked systems up 35kW. The 1500W version delivers 1500W of pure sine wave inverter power and 60 amps multi chemistry battery charging. The 1500W is the smallest form factor in the series. All models provide pure sine wave inverter power and over 60-200 amps multi-chemistry battery charging, plus the intelligent design is NMEA 2K and MasterBus compatible.


  • Nominal DC Voltage: 24V (10.2-16V)
  • Continuous Power at 104° F: 3500W
  • Peak Power 30 seconds: 4500W
  • Surge Power 5 seconds: 6000W
  • Parallel Stacking: Yes, Up to 7
  • Synchronize with Mains/Generator: Yes
  • Output Waveform: Pure Sine

Portable = NONE | Charging Banks = NONE | Charger Output Voltage = NONE | Charger Output - Amps = NONE | Charger Input - Voltage = NONE

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Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 5 in
Model Number 35523500


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