Navpod PM0841 PedestalMount Pre-Drilled Mounting Pedestral & Mounting Plate


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NAVPM0841 PedestalMount

Model: NAVPM0841

  • PedestalMount Pre-Drilled Mounting Pedestal and Mounting Plate adds swivel to most 10? to 16? Chartplotters, MFD’s and Fish Finders using the manufacturer’s stock trunnion bracket

NavPod’s PedestalMount is designed for raising the fish finder off the deck for protection while providing tilt and swivel functionality for conveniently operating and viewing the display.

The PedestalMount is for mounting the fish finder near the bow on sportfishing boats. The fish finder’s trunnion bracket is to be mounted onto the top bracket of the PedestalMount. The top bracket has predrilled mounting holes that match up to most popular fish finder trunnion bracket mounting holes. The tilt functionality of the trunnion bracket is combined with the swivel feature of the PedestalMount. The added height of the 8? tall PedestalMount makes operating and viewing the display very convenient. The tough and rugged black powder coated aluminum pedestal is 4? in diameter with a 6.5? round base. Connectors and wires that go into the back of the electronics are protected from being stepped on or inadvertently kicked and damaged. All wires and connections are routed internally through the pedestal base for protection.

The operating convenience of tilt, swivel and added height combined with the protection for wires surely make the PedestalMount a great addition to many sportfishing boats.

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