Powerwinch Folding & Pop-Up Camper Winch w/1200lb Lift Capacity



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Folding & Pop-Up Camper Winch with 1200lb Lift Capacity

The 12 Volt Motorized Folding Camper Winch is used to raise and lower folding campers with the touch of the switch, eliminating hand cranking.


  • Easier adjusts for lower and upper stops (more precise loading control)
  • Stops at the touch of a switch and can even tuck your camper fabric when lowering
  • Fastest model yet, which makes lifting your folding camper a breeze
  • Simple wiring design that’s easy to install 
  • No grease needed (mess-free use)
  • Better gear system for strong and durable loading


  • Lift capacity: (lb) 1200
  • Unit weight: (lb) 20
  • Circuit breaker: 40amp 
  • Motor voltage: 12VDC
  • Sold with cable: No
  • Switchplate included: Yes 

*Switch is a wired connection 

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Gear Ratio = NONE | Manual/Electric = Electric | Pull Strength (lbs) = NONE

Additional information

Weight 18.2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 11 in
Model Number P92001
UPC 810123842353