Propspeed Foulfree Foul-Release Transducer Coating – 15ml Kit Covers 2 Transducers


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Foulfree Foul-Release Transducer Coating – 15ml Kit Covers 2 Transducers

Airmar Certified Transducer Coating*

Any marine growth or fouling on the face of a transducer can reduce sensitivity, decreasing bottom-echo returns and fish target intensity.  It can also increase the turbulence over the face of the transducer causing aeration and loss of bottom contact. 

Solving these challenges in the best possible manner is the reason that Airmar teamed with Propspeed® to develop Foulfree™ fouling release coating for transducers.  The proprietary clear coat forms a slick surface that marine growth can’t grab onto, keeping your transducer surface clean and clear.


  • Foulfree™ is simple to apply and lasts for 12-24 months
  • Transducer safe:  Airmar certifies that Foulfree™ coating on its transducers results in no loss in transducer performance
  • Biocide Free: Foul-release, not antifoul. Foul-release coatings use physical means to reduce fouling, creating a surface that’s tough for marine organisms to adhere to
  • Propspeed®’s patented coating formula is proven effective on vessels around the globe
  • 15 ml tube covers 1 square foot (0.1 m2) of surface area
  • Kit includes: 15 ml tube of Foulfree™, XDclean wipe, XDprime, wipe, applicator brush, and light abrasive pad 

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