Raymarine T3 Hydrualic Reman Linear 24v Drive


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Raymarine M81203R Type 3 24v Hydraulic Linear Drive – Remanufactured

Model: M81203R

Designed for larger mechanically steered vessels over 20,000kg, our hydraulic linear drives are self-contained hydraulic steering systems consisting of a reversing pump, reservoir and hydraulic ram.

A hydraulic linear drive unit connects to the rudder stock via an independent tiller arm. Accessory fittings from your steering system manufacturer may be required. Must be able to back drive steering system for the rudder.


Maximum boat displacement 35,000 kg
Peak thrust 1,200 kg
Maximum stroke 300 mm
Hard-over to hard-over times 10 seconds
Maximum rudder torque 3,200 Nm
Corepack used ACU-400

Additional information

Weight 25.00 lbs
Model Number M81203R