Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station w/WeatherLink Console & 24hr Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield

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Pro2 Wireless Weather Station with WeatherLink Console & 24hr Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield

The Vantage Pro2 weather station provides the technology and real-time data you need to respond to changing conditions and make timely decisions. Engineered to handle rugged environments and deliver data with scientific precision year after year, the economical Vantage Pro2 offers the professional weather observer, or serious weather enthusiast, a robust performance with a wide range of options and sensors.

Complete Features:

  • Accurate, reliable weather monitoring with real-time data updates every 2.5 seconds
  • Industry-leading transmission range of 1,000’/300 m from the sensor suite to the console
  • Outside temperature and humidity sensors in a 24-hour Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield for maximum accuracy
  • Mount the anemometer up to 40’/12 m from the rest of the sensor suite for flexible siting
  • Sensor suite also includes wind speed and direction; and rainfall
  • Sensor suite’s rugged, weather-proof housing gives you years of reliable data
  • Includes WeatherLink Console (6313) with a vibrant, HD color touchscreen
  • Sensor suite is solar-powered with battery backup; the console is AC-powered with battery backup

WeatherLink Console

The WeatherLink Console revolutionizes the way you access, analyze, and understand your hyperlocal weather data reported by your Vantage Pro2™orVantage Vue® sensor suite, or your custom network of multiple Davis sensors. One intuitive device lets you receive and display data from your local network and connect to Wi-Fi to push your data to the WeatherLink Cloud.

WeatherLink Features:

  • Use the vibrant HD touchscreen to easily navigate, view, and analyze your weather data on one intuitive device
  • Customize the dashboard to show up to 21 parameters – from temperature to the wind to rain – and see the information that matters to you
  • Use the full database of historical records stored right on the console to create custom graphs and analyze your data
  • Choose from hundreds of parameters and a dozen sounds to get notified about the environmental changes you care about most
  •  The WeatherLink Console is a fully functional and powerful data display, storage, and analysis tool on its own – no Wi-Fi required. Or you can connect to Wi-Fi to join the WeatherLink community and upload and share data safely and securely 

24hr Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield:

The 24-Hour Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield includes a solar- and battery-powered, motor-driven fan that draws a constant airflow through the sensor chamber. At night, when the effects of radiation are less, the fan runs on the battery. This provides more accurate temperature readings than passive shielding alone.

24hr Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield Features:

  • A motor-driven fan draws a constant airflow through the sensor chamber at 500 feet per minute (2,5 m/s) 
  • At night, when the effects of radiation are less, this solar-powered model runs on battery power and the airflow slows to 280 feet per minute (1,4 m/s) 
  • Install your own sensor in the sensor chamber 
  • Sensor chamber: (inch) 2.24” x 3” / (mm) 56.8 mm x 76.2 mm 
  • Includes 10 plates, rechargeable batteries, mounting hardware, and 25 ft. (7,6 m) cable

*Mounting hardware included; mounting pole sold separately

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